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Eugene Petrenko - Creative Design Specialist

Bringing Vision to Life in the World of Production

Eugene Petrenko is a seasoned creative professional with a profound understanding of production intricacies, specializing in the realms of printing, outdoor advertising, and souvenirs. With a rich career history dating back to 2009, Eugene has honed his skills and forged his path as a creative partner who can translate ideas into tangible, visually striking products.

Expertise in Production

Eugene's unique strength lies in his ability to navigate the nuances of production, ensuring that designs not only look exceptional but are also optimized for real-world applications.

Technical Proficiency

Design Software Mastery:

- Proficient in a range of design software, including CorelDRAW, Adobe Photoshop, Figma, Lightroom, Sony Vegas, and Adobe Premiere.

- These tools enable him to create captivating visuals and multimedia content across various platforms.

Soft Skills:

- A skilled idea visualizer, Eugene excels at sketching and conceptualizing creative concepts.

- Proficient in crafting distinctive identity lettering and eye-catching layouts.

- Technical design expertise allows him to ensure the feasibility of design concepts.

- Exceptional photo material processing skills enhance the visual appeal of projects.

- Ability to create detailed drawings and informative diagrams, as well as engaging infographics.


- Fluent in Ukrainian and Russian.

- Possesses intermediate proficiency in English, facilitating effective communication in an international work setting.

Eugene Petrenko's extensive experience and creative prowess make him an invaluable partner in bringing ideas to life. His deep understanding of production intricacies, coupled with his design skills and software proficiency, ensures that every project he undertakes is a visual masterpiece that meets real-world requirements. Eugene's dedication to transforming concepts into reality sets him apart as a creative force in the industry.

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