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 We, MATTALNET GRUPP OÜ, request online business formation and support in Estonia.


Timeframe for establishment: 7-30 days

Type of establishment: Limited Liability Company

Establishment category: Online Business

Digital business environment: Estonia is known for its advanced digital infrastructure, which makes it easy to start and manage a business online. These include e-residency programs and digital signatures, which reduce bureaucratic hurdles.

Low administrative burden: The registration process for an OÜ is relatively straightforward and it is possible to set up the company remotely. You can also manage many aspects of your business online, saving time and effort.

Low corporate tax rate: Estonia has a unique corporate tax system that allows companies to reinvest their profits without paying corporate tax. Only distributed profits are taxed. This can be beneficial for startups and growing companies.

Access to the European Union (EU) market: Estonia is a member of the EU and offers access to the EU internal market and various trading opportunities. The strategic location in Northern Europe allows easy access to the Scandinavian and Baltic markets.

Can be beneficial for entrepreneurs who want to start a business without significant capital.

E-Residency Program: Estonia offers e-Residency, which allows non-residents to run an Estonian business online. This can be attractive for foreign entrepreneurs who want to enjoy the benefits of an Estonian company without being based in the country.

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